Monday, October 17, 2011

dear lola!

my poor puppy threw up 9 times today! She must not feel good! lol

First we were watching a movie on netflix (i was alone...the we were my puppies and me) and she started to do the sound and dance right before she threw up.  I was able to push her off the couch and onto the floor.  Anyways the next thing i knew she had thrown up 5 times! I have the weakest stomach so I was gagging trying to stop myself from throwing up that i managed to get the dogs and my phone to the stairs.  This is where we camped out for 30 minutes waiting for dj to come home.  However she threw up two more times on the stairs and we then were camping out in my closet! good thing i bought a house with a walk in closet! This is where we waited till my prince came home.  I left a note on the door saying come save us! He picked up all the throw up and came up stairs and admitted that they were gross. (this is huge because he never thinks anything is gross) then he was changing out of his work clothes and she threw up again.  Luckily, before she threw up again (she seems to throw up twice at time) he was able to get her to throw up in the toilet.  I have only been able to do that once I guess 1 / 9 times in the toilet is a good odd!

we had to go to the grocery store so we put the dogs outside.  When we got home, we saw that she threw up one more time! Hopefully she doesnt throw up anymore!

(sorry i didnt take any pictures...NOT!)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

one year anniversary

I cannot believe that we have been married for one year.  This time together has flown by and i am so glad I am where I am today because of him.  Yesterday we decided to get facials (my idea of course but he loved it...) then we went to a magic show in town and then we went to anniversary inn.  We staying in the swiss family robinson room (the one that is a tree house).  We did a few other things during the day like shopping lol...but not too much because was pretty tired from working the night before.  I couldn't have asked for anything else because yesterday was my first day off in 2 full weeks.  It was nice just to relax. 

We have accomplished so many things in one year!
-we served in young mens and young womans and went to youth conference and girls camp
-Rockie balboa passed beginning and intermediate puppy training class
-we got another puppy (lola loo) who has passed beginner puppy class
-we bought a house!!!!
-we are both going to school
-we have worked a total of 5 jobs at once
-we survived a near death experience
-been to california a couple of times (a big thing for dj since he grew up in utah)
-gone to new york and new jersey to visit my dad
-bought all new furniture
-had three fabulous birthday parties

that's all i can think of right now... me it has been a fantastic year!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Life Right Now

I sure have been pretty busy lately.  With having three jobs, quitting two, finding a new one, moving into our house, school, and finaaly quitting another job...I finally feel like my life is going good!

We love our new house.  We almost unpacked every box before school started.  The only things left in boxes are extra picture frames and decorations.  (pictures to come later)

On Friday I quit the salon.  Today was my last day.  I hated having to work some Sundays and I really need to just have one job to focus on school and keeping up with homework.  This is my first semester doing online classes (18 credits!!!!!) and so far so good.  I definitely prefer classroom study but this is perfect for right now. 

Lately, I have become "one of those people" who coupon.  Except I do it in moderation.  Unlike the television show, I only buy what we need.  For example, my favorite eye shadow was on a mega sale last week and I only bought one.  The lady in front of me bought 15!!!! Doesn't she realize that makeup has a shelf life? My mom and I have been taking the money we save from couponing and donating to the temple fund President Monson talked about at general conference. 
This is what I bought today for less than $15. Poor DJ requested that I buy manly soup since he doesn't always like to smell girlie in the shower (I just have so much BBW soap :) )

I cut off 11 inches of my hair and donated it to locks of love.  So this isn't the best picture but oh well
MY PRINCESS! I have always been jealous of the relationship my husband has with Rockie.  Lately, Lola and I have gotten pretty close.  She follows me everywhere and will do whatever I say I love her! We took our dogs to pet smart and she didn't like getting a manicure! She was screaming so was pretty funny! Sorry Petsmart Groomer.  Rockie officially weighs 75 pounds and Lola weighs 15.  What a big difference.

This weekend is our anniversary! We decided to get our pictures taken! We have changed so much from our engagements. 

Friday, August 5, 2011


my week has been the most emotional and crazy week of my life.  I have gone from excited to sad...It was been hard.

So, we are not closing on our house tomorrow...more and more things keep happening on the paperwork.  It is so hard because I packed my whole house (leaving 3 outfits out and only two pairs of shoes) ready to live in our new home! I visit our new home constantly because I am in love with it!!!!!!!!!!

So my three jobs have been a concern that dj and I talk about frequently! About quitting one, two or three and finding new jobs all around! It is crazy how you can love a job so much, but the co workers can make or break the job for you!...aka....the salon! I put my two weeks in because I cant believe that girls (almost double my age) thrive in so much drama...and yet complain constantly about being poor.  Every day I want to turn to them and say that if they stopped worrying about every other person and more about themselves they would probably be happier...but sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut.

It will be nice to have an extra 20 hours a week...since I am starting school in the fall!

My best friend Kayla from California is here and i am loving every minute of hanging out with her!

I found the hugest spider I have ever seen on my bed the other day! I usually just let my dogs eat all the bugs...but this one was pretty furry and I remembered something about a furry spider being poisonous! So I got the vacuum and sucked its poor life away!

Sorry, i just need to vent! I am sitting here on a friday with nothing really to do in a house with nothing really unpacked still!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Due to utah holidays and high up people...our closing date for our house has been moved to MONDAY! I guess it is for the best since I am working double jobs thursday friday and saturday...i honestly dont know if I would have had time to move in.  :)

DJ and I have been working on lots of little projects that I come up with and only, almost lost a (post pictures when i unpack my camera!)

I can't wait to be in our new home and open all of our new furniture!...and be crafty! (not crafty with the furniture)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter

On wednesday morning, me and DJ had a harry potter breakfast (actual recipes from foods mentioned in the pumpkin pasties...they were on the trolly...ect).  It was so much fun to have people over...even though my house is all in boxes!

Then we went to the movie and I really enjoyed it! I really didnt like how much they destroyed the castle...but i guess you got to make sacrifices to destroy hewhomustnotbenamed.

my house will be done on monday! Now I am wishing i took more time off work to

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Let the count down begin! I am trying so hard to be patient but it seems like our moving date is forever away! (and most of my house is packed and in a really big mess...good thing we haven't had any visitors over!)

on the side, i got a raise at dressbarn and i guess my reviews were supposed to be done in April so I will be getting a back pay which is nice.  I can always use a little extra money to decorate my new home!

my bestest friend kayla is coming from California and I AM SO EXCITED!