Monday, October 17, 2011

dear lola!

my poor puppy threw up 9 times today! She must not feel good! lol

First we were watching a movie on netflix (i was alone...the we were my puppies and me) and she started to do the sound and dance right before she threw up.  I was able to push her off the couch and onto the floor.  Anyways the next thing i knew she had thrown up 5 times! I have the weakest stomach so I was gagging trying to stop myself from throwing up that i managed to get the dogs and my phone to the stairs.  This is where we camped out for 30 minutes waiting for dj to come home.  However she threw up two more times on the stairs and we then were camping out in my closet! good thing i bought a house with a walk in closet! This is where we waited till my prince came home.  I left a note on the door saying come save us! He picked up all the throw up and came up stairs and admitted that they were gross. (this is huge because he never thinks anything is gross) then he was changing out of his work clothes and she threw up again.  Luckily, before she threw up again (she seems to throw up twice at time) he was able to get her to throw up in the toilet.  I have only been able to do that once I guess 1 / 9 times in the toilet is a good odd!

we had to go to the grocery store so we put the dogs outside.  When we got home, we saw that she threw up one more time! Hopefully she doesnt throw up anymore!

(sorry i didnt take any pictures...NOT!)

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